Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Le black hole

So I was creeping around some blogs this afternoon (slow day at work, trying to kill some time before I have to pick up Hank from the groomer) and I come across a few of these purse challenges. All of these purses have the neatest contents I have ever seen. Keys, with a neat cute little key fob, a brush without 7 years of hair wrapped up in it, and a wallet that can actually close. Brilliant. So folks I present to you the inside of my purse:

These are fresh photos taken only moments ago with my camera phone, in my office at work ( I apologize for the messy carpet and my hubby's jacked up flip flops in the picture). First of all I counted 10 pens, 6 lip glosses, one lipstick, 4 rolls of dental floss, 2 sets of keys to my car (yes, I said 2, I am famous for locking my keys in my car), 1 ginormous wad of reciepts, and a wallet that will not close, two packs of gum, a toothbrush and a AA Energizer battery. Of course various other stuff that you can see. Just drives the fact home that I MUST get some organization in my life. So please, anyone who is willing to reveal your inner purse slob, show yourself now. I need company.

Gotta go, Hank's ready.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We interupt some happy, for some crappy

So, you know how were are in the midst of this home addition/remodel project, right? Well, if we ever get started I am either going to be too old to live in it or too pissed off to care. Yes, you guessed it we are STILL working with the county to be issued a building permit. This weeks dilemma has to do with the Fire Marshal. Seems there is some stupid ass "30 foot setback" comment on our plan change checklist nonsense. Who the hell has 30 foot setbacks? Obviously it is an error. This means our architect has to go meet with said Fire Marshal and get it straightened out before she can resubmit our corrected plans (FOR THE SECOND TIME).

One of these is starting to look pretty sweet. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't need a permit to do squat.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Who knew?

You Passed 8th Grade Spanish

Congratulations, you got 6/8 correct!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

They told me the day would come

I am not a parent anymore, I have been demoted to 20 bucks and a ride. Yes, my friends the day has come where my children have a far more rocking social life than I. I'm not kidding when I say that I have slapped on about 75 extra smog polluting miles on the Guzzler this week. Is summer almost over?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The namer of Names

This flower is called the Tigerlily or for the botanists the Lilium philadelphicum. I have always loved this lily along with the various other lilies. I remember seeing Peter Pan as a child and was in awe of the beautiful indian princess named Tigerlily. I have always loved this name. Then Michael Hutchence from INXS named his daughter Tigerlily and it became my all time favorite name.
During our adoption process I have referred to our little one as Tigerlily. Codename Tigerlily. My blog and our Breast Cancer 3-Day team is called Operation Tigerlily. Ask anyone what her name is and they will tell you Tigerlily. At first it started out as a way to put shock on the face of my mother when I would tell her that her newest Granddaughter would have the name Tigerlily. Just the thought of my mother telling the Alpine Heights Ladies her new grandbabys name was Tigerlily, cracked my ass up. But guess what? It is sticking, it works, I love it. We do however have some other names we are considering, but I want to see her face before I bestow such a conversation worthy name on the child. So that my friends is the story behind Tigerlily.

Monday, June 18, 2007

6 Months

Six Months logged in today. Back in the day we would be recieving our refferal right about now. But were not living in that day anymore. We are living in the thakesthreeandahalfyears day. Big sigh.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Holy Crap it's summer...

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, so I decided to take some photos around our property yesterday

The beautiful blue sky

The snapdragons

Reed mowing the lawn

Conner pissed because HE had dog pooh duty

The avocados that are future guacamole

The Morning Glory

The pink hydrengeas

The snake. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? While Reed is mowing I hear the mower stop and a "Moooommmmmm". I go check it out and he has a baby rattlesnake cornered. Luckily Mark got home and he was able to take him out and let him go in the creek behind our house. Now everytime I go out of my house I am on snake alert. He WAS really cute though.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ode to Bailey Babette

My other dog Bailey was complaining she never gets any blog time so I thought I would throw her photo on here so you can see the beauty of her Bassett-ness.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Two things today

First, my dog Hank has been acting weird and has been having sneezing fits. At first I thought he might just have a cold or allergies, but a few days later the sneezing seemed to get worse so I took him to our vet today. Poor little guy had 2 foxtails, one up his nose and the other in his ear. He also has tonsilitis. Dogs can get tonsilitis.........who knew? While he was under sedation he had his teeth cleaned and nails clipped.

Here is the little guy recovering from his day. Isn't he pathetic?

Now on to shopping.............

Today I finally bought something for the babe. Other than a book these are the only things I have bought so far. I was shopping today and I stumbled across these T-shirts. I am a sucker for tropical print and this T has pink plumeria flowers on it. So cute AND it was on the sale rack. But the best find was the little brown T that says "Dad's Surfer Girl". Anyone who knows us will know that she will be swiming in the ocean before she can walk.

Soon, Dad, soon.....