Sunday, August 26, 2007

Note to self

Get baby girl a map.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Great Odins Raven!

This just in!

I like the scent of the deodorant now. It actually grew on me. No longer does it smell like my great aunt Hazel. All is good again.

Oh, and by the way I hate the County of SD Build!ng Division. Just so you know.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School and the Weekend

Can you believe it is back to school already? Zoinks! 8th grade, the boys are starting 8th grade. It is so hard to comprehend, but I will deal. They were ready to get back to school, it gets kinda boring and you can only go to the beach so many times and they have seen almost every movie at the cinema, so I guess it's a good thing that school starts so much earlier now. However, for me the lazy days of summer are O-VER. Back to early, early morning wake-ups, morning traffic, always having dollar bills in my wallet for lunch money and mounds of homework.

Had an awesome weekend. Saturday, I took my mom to see Wicked at the Pantages Theater for her birthday. She. Loved. it. I saw it in May in New York and knew she would be crazy for it. The L.A. Elphaba was just as good as N.Y. Elphaba, her voice was incredible. L.A. Glinda was good but not as good as N.Y. Glinda. L.A. Fiyero was terrible. I am not one to carry a tune from one end of the room to another, so I am not an expert on singing by any means, but homeboy was totally off key and reminded me of some of the rejects from American Idol. We ate near the theater at this cute little bistro named Magnolia. I had a salad that was soooooooo good. It was frise greens with chicken, apples, candied walnuts, gorganzola cheese tossed with a white balsamic vinegarette. Oh, it was really good. I am SO making it for dinner tonight.

Sunday, I made appointments at the day spa for Mark and I to have massages. Mark has never had a massage before and was pooh-pooh-ing the whole idea, but he went anyway. Well, wouldn't you know it, my husband is now a massage convert, he loved it. Oh my dog, can I tell you how good I feel right now? My masseuse worked out every knot and tense spot in my entire body. She even manipulated each toe. I think I drooled at one point. The best thing I learned from her was a new way to sleep. I have been having neck problems and terrible headaches so she asked me to show her how I sleep. I am a side sleeper and I guess I am doing some really bad pretzel pose when I sleep. She showed me how to use all sorts of pillows and where to put my arm so I don't wake up all tweaked. I tried it last night and I feel really good so we will see if this new sleeping position works for the neck and headaches.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

......and another one bites the dust.

I am totally trying to slip this in unnoticed because I missed my 8 month LID-versary. Yay. 8. Yay. Can you feel the enthusiasm? Yay.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

She done lost her damn mind know I am going crazy, right? Well to drive the fact home here is a little sampling of my looniness. Today I walk in my office and sit down at my desk, I immediatly smell a smell that smells. It smells slightly fruity, kinda sweet and strong. I ask everyone inthe office "who has the air freshener?". Everybody says "not me". Aghhhhhh it is giving me a headache. It smells like a cheap old lady perfume. I scour the office looking for surf wax, sometimes surf wax smells strong, found some, not it. It is coming from my desk area, I crawl under my desk looking for a perfume sample or something. Nothing. I did find my favotite pair of scissors though. An hour passes I still smell the smell that smells smelly like my great aunt Hazel. It's driving me to drink. Where is it coming from??????

Yeah, it's coming from ME. I put on a new deoderant this morning Degree Antipersirant/Deoderant in Pure Rain. Oh, man it's awful. I didn't smell it when I put it on because it's the kind of deoderant that when you start to pit up, it turns on the stink. I feel like I have a hangover, like every time I smell it I want to hork. Can't wait to shower this stink off.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Off like a prom dress

I'm outta here for a few days. At the end of each summer I like to take off and let the boys pick what they want to do. This year they want to go to Universal Studios. So, it's off to Burbank for me. Whoopeeeee! Two days of shlepping from line to line in 95 degree heat with the European guy in front of me who has never heard the word DEODORANT. Ahhhh, good times. The best part of the next two days is our hotel is two blocks down from the original Bob's Big Boy (I think the only one left in California and/or the US) and I will be ordering a HUGE stack of pancakes.

The three of us have fun wherever we go, so an amazing time lay ahead. Yeah, I need to get out of here and ride a rollercoaster. Later Skaters.

I want it NOW!

Veruca Salt had it going on. She could stomp her feet and get what she wanted, but then again she was a bad egg and got dropped down the chute (Thanks for having my back Heather).

I haven't got my pancakes yet. You know how it hits you all of the sudden that you want something? Well that was me yesterday. I wanted pancakes. What I really want is my baby, Damn it! I know "technically" we are not even past the time frame window that our agency said we would be getting our referral, but knowing that we will wait almost 3-4 years is agonizing. I was proud to say I never wavered, stood up accepted the wait and walked on. That is what we call denial. This week the denial wore off and reality set in. I wavered. I sat Mark down and laid it on the line. You see, Mark keeps his head so far in the sand regarding our adoption he could probably SEE China from there. He says I worry, research, blog, and read enough that I make up for his share. He knew the wait was long, but just how long I wasn't sure he was aware of. So we talked, I cried. We talked about what we have invested in this, not only financially but emotionally. The money means nothing, we could pull our dossier and walk away, go on living as a family of four. But thats not what we want. We want her. We could switch to another country, but that is not where she is. I see her face, it is very faint, but I see her. She is waiting for us and we are waiting for her.

So now's the time where I pull up the big girl panties, wipe the tears and walk on. I'm doing just that. But I also believe everyone needs to have a big ol pity party in once in a their lifetime.

Thanks for the comments guys! I know we are all in this mess together. Nice to know we've got each other.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I want pancakes.

Thats all I got. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm not a virgin anymore

I did it. I did something I promised myself I wasn't going to do. I had the meltdown today. I had the 'I'm so pissed and sad, and mad, and heartbroken' cry that it is going to be almost 3 or 4 years before we bring our baby girl home. I try to keep my head in the sand, but today I decided to go mainstream and check out the sites. Bad idea. My poor Mother in Law called to ask about the jellyfish and I unloaded on her full time about how this wait, the lack of answers and the unknown is making me crazy and how I don't know if I'll make it before I go postal. By the end of the conversation she made me feel better and we are laughing how we might be able to save money on the airfare because we will be able to use our AARP cards.

So I did it, didn't want to do it, but I did. And I feel better for it.

P.S. I thought with my new body I would get some new hardware for my face. My piercer said this look is all the rage in Ch!na.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Seinfeld of Blogs

When I started this blog it was to be about the adoption and our addition/remodel. So far it has been anything but. These two things have become the thorn in my side. Honestly, I don't think either of the two are ever going to happen. It is about nothing. I am amazed at how much nothing I can write about. Why do I smell ketchup?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My romantic evening

The boys have a birthday party sleepover last night so we figured it would be a great date night. We get ready and drop the boys off a their friends' house and since we were by Costco, I suggested that since we were right there and we needed dog food we could stop in and get some (I hate buying the 500 lb bags and cans of dog food and schleppping it to my car, so when I've got a nice strapping lad in the car will take full advantage). We pull into Costco with 20 minutes to closing and get the dog's food. We see the fish monger and decided to scrap the restaurant and get some lobster tails to grill at home, plus the fact that there were no good movies playing except for The Bourne Whateveristcalled, and it was sold out until the 10:20PM showing. Yessssssssss LOBSTER! I get some yummy fruit, nice crusty bread and a pricey bottle of wine. We check out (after my husband calls the bagger boy, Sparky) and head home. We pour some wine and turn on the Padre game (not my idea) and grill the lobsters. I light some candles and we sit down to eat. I notice Mark sweating and continually wiping his brow. I ask him what is wrong, he's like "I don't know my stomach feels wonky". He tries to continue eating but continues to feel sick. I ask him what he had for lunch

MM: "I ate some Cabeza (head) and Lingua (tounge) tacos from Jimmy's (the mexi restaurant next to our shop) after surfing today"
Me: "Why did you eat THAT?"
MM: "Because they taste good"
Me: "Oh, yeah, that's good, now you have Malaria, Tapeworm or better yet, Mad Cow disease"
MM: "Remember that time I ate the 3 month old chicken in the fridge and just last week I ate that old chunky yogurt, I'll be OK" (Good God, I really need to be on top of the cleaning out of the fridge)

Not soon after he said chunky yogurt, he was blowing chunks in the bathroom. I proceeded to finish my wonderful meal by myself while my husband barfed up his toenails in the next room. After his involuntary stomach pumping he went to bed, while I watched decorating shows on TV.

This morning Iron Gut felt fine and headed off to the beach for dawn patrol and I am making lobster potato salad with my husbands lobster tail he couldn't eat for a BBQ we are going to later.

Wanna go on a date with me? I promise not to make you hurl.

***I am editing to add that as though it appears that my husband eats like a dumpster diver, he really does not. I tend to buy only healthy, organic food at home so when he's on his own he eats the weird stuff like the tacos you read about. Something tells me he'll do great in China.***

Saturday, August 4, 2007

When is the last time you got yelled at?

Only an Asshat like me can get herself and her posse kicked off a walking team. So, our little walking group (5 of us) were invited to join a mainstream 3 Day training session. They were doing the hill at Torrey Pines this morning, which we have been wanting to do. So we show up on the bright ready to walk our fannies off. We were told to be there at 6:10am which we were, we started chatting it up with some other walkers while stretching and hydrating. Finally about 6:35 (uggg) the team leader gives us the route she wants us to take and we head off. Have you ever walked in a pack of 40 people before? You feel like sheeple. Plus they were walking at a snails pace, I like to walk like I am going somewhere. So we break ahead of the pack and walk ahead and about 15 people follow us. We are about a mile ahead, but we could still see the others. We are chatting, talking, laughing and getting to know the other ladies, who seem pretty cool. We get to a stopping point and use the loo and stretch. Miss Team Leader Pissy Pants comes over to our group and gives us an earful "I do not appreciate, people going ahead of the group. These walks are all about friendship and supporting each other and if you want to stay ahead of the group I suggest you find a new group" and a bunch of other verbal vomit that I quickly forgot. I'm not kidding she was yelling. YELLING and scolding us like we were 5 year olds. All 15 of us stood there with our jaws dropped, no believing we just got yelled at. So our group of 15 exchanged email and we are going to hook-up next weekend for a 15 mile walk, thanking us for breaking them away from crazy leader lady.

So, why is it every where I go I whip up a fury? Who knew I was such a bad ass?

Friday, August 3, 2007

A brand new me

So, you know that I am training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day in November, right? Well, I those 12-14 mile walks are really starting to pay off and I feel great! I have muscles in places I never have before and my boobs, they are so perky! To celebrate my accomplishments I bought my self a new bikini, it is so beautiful and and a lovely shade of green. I have decided to share a picure with you all:

Don't you just love my festive breast cancer pink hair?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doggie crack

Whoever developed glucosamine/chondroidin for dogs (ok, and people too) is a genius. I started giving Bailey, our 9 year old bassett hound, one tablet everyday. She is a new dog. She has gone from lounging like a drunk sailor, to breaking into a trot, yes, you heard me Bailey trotted! This morning she followed me all around the house. Now, normally in the morning she will notice me, give me peep through the droopy eye and go back to sleep. Nope, not today she was hot on my heals following me from room to room and she even greeted the plumber. This stuff is like crack for dogs. It's awesome.

This was taken about 15 minutes ago. Fatty Boom-a-latty busted a major move and she is now officially spent.