Monday, July 30, 2007

Somebody hide my laptop

and my Nordy's credit card.

While checking out the anniversary sale (from their email taunting me) I stumbled across a few gems like these and these. This is cute too (I'll always be able to find my bags in baggage claim). Look a this for babygirl, I think she will be needing.

Retail therapy cures all.

And can you tell I have learned how to hyperlink? Only took a year but, I can roll with the big dogs now.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Cavatica tagged anyone who hasn't done this, so since I am new to Meme's I will oblige


  1. Trying to figure out how to raise two 3 year olds and stay sane at the same time
  2. Thanking God Blues Clues came on at 8:30am, so I could take a shower
  3. Balancing work life and home life
  4. Baking cupcakes for the first time in my life
  5. Not realizing how lucky I was to wear a bikini


  1. Hummus and pita chips
  2. Mexican Wedding Cookies (MIL's)
  3. Red Vines (I buy the super jumbo tub at Costco, WELL they say they are FAT FREE)
  4. Three rolled tacos with guacamole from Alberto's (shouldn't be a snack, but it is what it is)
  5. Peach yogurt with a Nature Valley granola bar used as a spoon.


(In my case, albums, I will listen to an entire album until I memorize every song)

  1. Bob Marley, Legend
  2. The Soundtrack to the musical Chicago
  3. Jack Johnson, Brushfire Fairytales
  4. The Beatles, White Album
  5. The Kottonmouth Kings, Royal Highness


  1. Remodel our house the way I REALLY want, add a second story.
  2. Pay up front for the children's college education Reed: Wharton University Conner: NYU, Baby girl: wherever her heart desires
  3. Take both sides of our families on a dream vacation to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji on a chartered jet.
  4. Buy a BMW 760 for me. Hubby already has his dream car
  5. Put the rest (if there is any left) in our IRA's


  1. I am a Procrastinator
  2. I am unorganized, however, I know where everything is
  3. I Speak before I think
  4. I put of doing laundry until I notice my son wearing my socks with the pink breast cancer ribbon on them and then it reminds me to throw a load in
  5. I think chocolate is a food group


  1. Spend a day at the beach with just Hubby and the boys, then coming home and throwing some steaks on the BBQ and watching a movie together
  2. Read
  3. Do girl stuff, like pedicures, facials and massages
  4. Going to my monthly Sunday brunch with my five best girlfriends that I have had since the 2nd grade. Sitting for hours getting sauced on champagne and enjoying our sisterhood
  5. Travel


  1. A mullet (well, more of a Pat Benetar 'do, but still in the mullet family)
  2. Teal and Red worn together
  3. Shoulder pads
  4. Thigh high boots (when the skanky girls wore them we called them Crab Catchers, and no I wasn't least I don't think so......................?)
  5. Wine cooler puke


Whoever reads this

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I hate it when I lose stuff. Today I had a Dr.'s appointment, so as I was leaving my office I grabbed some cash that I had laying on my desk. $60 to be exact. I planned on buying some cat food and some other stuff at the pet store on my way home. I go to my appointment and stop at the pet store. As I was walking, I reached in my pocket to pull out my cash to put it in my wallet. No cash. Pocket empty. Go back to my car and scour, no money. I retraced my steps and I really have no idea where I dropped it. I really hope that the person who finds it really needed it and it made their day.

I still hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Giving Stump

The Giving Tree

It's a sad day here at my house today. We are saying goodbye to a dear old friend. This friend is a tree. We called it The Giving Tree. This tree is why we bought this house. When I first looked at this house, I was not so crazy about it. The owner of this house was a lady in her 80's. She kept up with the inside of the house, but the outside of the house was lacking. So needless to say we have done alot to it so far. So, back to the tree. When our realtor showed us he house we walked the .75 acre and both Mark and I were in LOVE with this tree. It is a Brazilian Pepper Tree. I could just picture my boys climbing that tree, swinging in a tree swing and father and sons building a tree fort. Yessssss! So we buy the house and the first thing my son does is climb the tree and quickly fall out of it on his head. Okay, shit happens. My niece is over playing with her cousins in the tree and guess what? SHE falls out of the tree on her head. A new rule goes into effect: If you want to climb the tree you have to wear a bike helmet. Springtime comes shortly after we move in and I hear this loud electrifying buzzing sound. What the.........? I look outside my kitchen window and this gigantic tree is ALIVE with bees. Like 5 million bees. From about Feb to May you have to duck and cover while in the backyard to get from point A to point B and hope you don't get stung. All that aside we still keep the tree because we love this tree. I think it is at least 50 years old. However, we have plumbing problems, and the problems are being caused by the ginormous roots that are strangling our pipes and causing them to collapse. So down it comes today. All four of us in this family are tree hugging saps, so this is just breaking our hearts. On a good note we are recycling the wood and our good artist friend up in SLO Town is going to make a few cool pieces of furniture and a tiki out of The Giving Tree.

And the Tree was happy.

On a different note, I'm posting a picture of the the tree being cut (sorry for the poor quality, it is taken with my camera phone because I am having isses with the CF card for my regular camera). The guy is really nice and gave me all sorts of facts about turkeys (We have a pet turkey named Arnold). BUT he has this helper guy who stands around barely working, wearing a wife beater tank top. This guy keeps pulling up his shirt to expose his beer gut and then plays with his belly button. Everytime I look out there he is doing it. I am seriously going to hork.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Sexy? THAT is surprising.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July High Five

I the skipped June High Five because frankly, I hated June. June had nothing to offer me and I could not find anything about June that made me want to High Five it. Call it a funk, call it June gloom. I call it over. So here we go with July.

Gourmet Sea Salts

You gotta try this salt. I am obsessed with different salts like the Hawaiian Black and Red Sea Salt and Fluer De Sel from France. Fleur de Sel is really really good on steak and chicken. The Hawaiian sea salts are good with pretty much anything you would put regular salt on. I get mine at Trader Joe's, but they sell them at any specialty grocery. I got the Fleur de Sel in France, but you can get it at Sur Le Table or Williams Sonoma


I need to hug it out with my girl Linda, she is my cleaning lady and I need to say that she makes the BEST PAD THAI. She is originally from Thailand and cooks amazing. I really think she needs to open a restaurant. Plus she puts up with our family.

Rosebud Salve

I have read about this stuff in the glam mags and thought it was just hype. So one day I was in Sephora and they had it in the $5 bin so I decided to buy some. This stuff is great. I put some on my elbows, and cuticles. One day I used it on my legs after shaving and they were like buttah. It has a light rose smell. I am usually not a fan of rose scents, but this is really lght and smells good.


This is my new phone. It is an En-V. I dig it. The keyboard really comes in handy and the camera takes really good pictures for being a camera phone.

My Hood

I really love where I live. I don't however, like the horrid amount of traffic, the houses that are built on top of each other and the summer tourists. The thing I really like about where I live is that you can walk down to the end of the pier and get a root beer float.

Yep, seven months logged in.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little Sister!?!?!

My Secret Pal strikes again!

I received a package yesterday from my Secret Pal and she sent the cutest things. I really can't wait for the day that the boys have a little sister. Just seeing "Little Sister" trips me out and chokes me up at he same time. Look at that bathing suit!! I can just see that tan little butt running in the sand and playing in the waves.

Thanks, again Secret Pal.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Secret

No, not the book that crazy chick wrote, but MY secret. Ever since we moved into this house I have intended on gutting the existing kitchen and starting anew (rant being averted). The way it is set up now it is none other than a cooking closet. It offers no counter space, a stupid cooktop, and an oven the size of a breadbox. I used to love to cook in my previous house because right before we sold it, w re-did the kitchen and bought all new top 'o the line appliances. Cooking was a breeze, UNTIL we moved here. So, since I hate to cook in my current kitchen and I have two boys who eat like they have a tapeworm. They constantly are asking "Whats for dinner", before I found The Secret I would always say "I don't know". But it all changed after I discovered a place called Dinner Studio This is a meal preparation kitchen that I discovered. They supply all of the ingredients to make as many meals as you need, supply all the recipes and the best part is they CLEAN UP! I made 12 meals in under two hours today. I have been doing this for over a year now and I love it. I recommend that if you have one of these type kitchens in your area you give it a try. They also have a personal chef service for people that are busier than me, they will prepare the meals and have it ready for you to pick up. Tonight we are having Beef Wellington! It's brazilliant and it's The Secret.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sick of being frustrated

It is frustrating being frustrated. I feel I am one big, giant oozing ball of frustration. I am frustrated that the my County's Building Division seems to have their heads so far up their understaffed asses that they cannot even make an appointment for our architect to get one little minuscule question answered so she can proceed with the changes on our plans and get them submitted AGAIN. She must get there at the ass crack of dawn and wait in line at the counter to get the right person to answer her question. She has done this twice already and told the wait would be over 2 hours to speak to someone. This in turn costs us $XX per hour for her to do so.

Don't get me started on our horrific wait for our adoption. I'm preaching to the choir when I say how unbelievably frustrating this wait has been and it will only get worse in the near future. I am tired of explaining WHY it is going to take so long and pissed off that we get so little answers to giant questions.

I am frustrated that I have to take birth control pills to regulate the female in my broken down female system. I am too old for the adult onset acne and the stupid 5lbs that these pills of mass destruction do to my body. However, if I don't take them I will have maybe one cycle every couple of months OR have a marathon session with cramps that would sideline a linebacker.

Okay, I'm done. Peace out.

That's more like it!

The F-bomb put me over the hump (I wonder if typing hump will push me to R?)

Free Online Dating


Oh, Please!?!

I was SO thinking PG-13 at least. I think I must up my use of the fuck wordage.

Free Online Dating


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

He's going to kill me but here it goes....

Cute, sweet boy from the previous post is really into classic rock and he plays many instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and trombone. Not only is he into instruments, he is into rock fashion and is inspired by his idols, Jimi, Kurt, Jim Morrison Jimmy Page (never noticed the "Jim" connection before, hmmm...weird). So he like to shop at thrift store and vintage clothing stores for stuff. He has been nagging me to take him to the thrift store to buy a red flannel shirt ("BUT it's summer!" God, I sound like a mom). I finally find some time yesterday to take him. We head to the DAV and he is in heaven, pursuing through the mountains of clothes. I head to another section and meet up with him a bit later. To his dismay he has only found one red flannel shirt and is holding on to it for dear life. The shirt is perfect a little faded the right red plaid and it is a little big but, no biggie. I ask him to show me the shirt and he holds it up to let me inspect. He goes "I think it might be a girls shirt, but that's OK". Upon further inspection I see the tag says "Motherhood". "Ummmm.....Honey, this shirt is a shirt for nursing mothers, see it has the flaps that unbutton so they can breastfeed the baby" The boy is still in love with the shirt. "It's all right I can put some pins on it and take of the flaps and you can sew it", he says. The kid is resourceful, I gotta give him that.

*This is not the shirt he found, but one I googled so you could get the idea. He ended up finding a green and black plaid shirt that he liked better (Don't think I wasn't scouring the isles to find that damn green and black one)

Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm Bored. Lets go to Costa Rica!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My sweet boy

We are driving to the movies today and out of the blue Conner says "Hey Mom, when Tigerlily comes and I'm like 16 and I have a summer job at say a guitar store or a bank or something and you have to work, will I have too take her to work with me, because I'll make sure I tell my boss that I have a little sister and I might need to take her to my job if my mom has to go to work". I reply, "Thanks for the offer, buddy but I think we will have child care covered so you won't have to take her to your summer job". How SWEET was that????

You have no idea what that meant to me. The boys are 13 and the world revolves around them at this age. Their main concerns this summer is their friends and food (as most 13 years olds concerns are). So, to hear him talking about his little sister lets me know that they are thinking about her too.