Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We interupt some happy, for some crappy

So, you know how were are in the midst of this home addition/remodel project, right? Well, if we ever get started I am either going to be too old to live in it or too pissed off to care. Yes, you guessed it we are STILL working with the county to be issued a building permit. This weeks dilemma has to do with the Fire Marshal. Seems there is some stupid ass "30 foot setback" comment on our plan change checklist nonsense. Who the hell has 30 foot setbacks? Obviously it is an error. This means our architect has to go meet with said Fire Marshal and get it straightened out before she can resubmit our corrected plans (FOR THE SECOND TIME).

One of these is starting to look pretty sweet. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't need a permit to do squat.


a&mg said...

You could paint rainbows and ladybugs all over that thing and it would look just so heavenly.

Sorry for the crappy crap with the house--I'm sure it's insanely frustrating.

secret agent said...

hey..... you came here and didn't say hello.
were you scared to come in???

kris said...

Damn.. sorry. Hope it all gets straightened out fast.

Anonymous said...

Dont do it. It is too much work.

new girl said...

Crappy is right. I hope it's all straightened out and soon! Maybe at least an Airstream if you must go the trailer route?